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What is your anger costing you?

At Anger UK we help people with anger management problems discover practical, tips, techniques and strategies so they can live with less anger. Does being angry affect you and the people around you at home or at work? Our proven effective anger management courses can help. We also provide one to one coaching programmes and professional development courses to help you conquer your anger once and for all. If the time is right to tame your temper, beat your anger for good or help those around you to ‘live a life less angry’ then you’re in the right place.About Us 1

For details on our anger management courses click the quick links below. Our unique ETU Anger Management System is delivered by qualified professionals who have developed their skills over three years. We work with adults and young people over 15 years of age.

Anger Management One To One in Person and via Go To Meeting, VSee or FaceTime.

My Anger Coach Anger Management Online Programme.

My Anger Coach Anger Management Home Study Kit (DVD, CD and workbook).

Boiling Point, a report produced by the Mental Health Foundation (MHF) in 2008 and based on a sample of almost 2000 people all over the country, states that more than 1 in 4 people worry about how angry they sometimes feel. 1 in 3 people say that they have a close friend or family member who has difficulty controlling their anger. 1 in 5 say that they have ended a relationship or friendship because of how the other person behaved when they were angry. This makes problem anger a very common issue.

It is difficult to admit that your anger causes you problems, and if you do find the courage it is very difficult to find help. More than half the people surveyed (58%) in the MHF report stated that they would not know where to go for help. Only 13% of those who did acknowledge their anger problems had looked for help, and they had tended to approach health-care professionals as the first step.

Unfortunately if you choose this route there is little statutory help available. GPs report that they have few options to offer patients who come to them with problem anger, although around 90 published research studies have concluded that for adults, adolescents and children successful treatment is possible. The statutory support available is concentrated at the severe end of the spectrum, when problem anger has already led people into trouble at home, at school, at work, or even with

the criminal justice system. Our aim is to provide people who acknowledge their anger and seek help at a much earlier stage with support, understanding and effective anger-management strategies.

Repentant Man ‘Real people who don’t normally do this kind of thing are the kind of people we help’ explains founder of Citizen Coaching Anger Management, Martin Hogg

On our courses you get to benefit from the experiences of everyone who has ever completed the course. Our past participants share the tips and techniques that worked for them and we constantly update the course materials making them ever more relevant in today’s climate whilst not straying from our sound principles of anger management, namely our exclusive ‘ETU 3-Step Anger Management’  approach.

When we first offered the course our plain-speaking, no-nonsense and no-psycho-babble approach seemed to provide something quite new and different in a market-place full of dull powerpoint lectures and fake experts. It still does.

Tutoring by properly qualified professionals gave feedback scores from early participants of an average 93% and an effectiveness of 89.5% 6 months after taking the course. Nearly 9/10 people said that taking our anger management course had made a dramatic difference to their lives.

Citizen Coaching Anger Management is based on real life experience from over 20 years of working face-to-face with anger management and relationship problems at the ‘coalface’ of conflict and relationship problems.


Whether you are looking for one-to-one or group anger management courses or classes or would prefer to work and discover at your own pace using our accredited home study or online courses, we have an anger management solution which will suit you. For more information contact us via the website or by calling our friendly team on 0121 314 7075.

General statistics are taken from Boiling Point, the Mental Health Foundation’s report, published in 2008, on problem anger in UK.