• Anger Management Do’s and Don’ts

    Anger Management Do’s and Don’ts

    Does your anger often get the better of you? Here are some quick tips that might help.


    Be aware of the physical signs of your anger escalating – if you are aware of your bodily signs of impending rage, you’re more able to avoid an outburst before you say or do something you regret.

    Give yourself a break from the situation – The issue winding you up, is it really that important? Will it matter tomorrow, or in a few hours time? Take a break from the situation, when you come back you may find that it’s not such a big issue after all.

    Take a deep breath, slow down – Give yourself a moment to think about what you are doing. Think about the potential consequences of your actions. Deep breathing also helps your body to feel a little calmer.

    Learn to listen to others, and put yourself in their shoes – Seeing it from their point of view increases understanding and empathy, empathy can really help with anger.

    Talk to a friend or someone else about how you feel – Talking it out can really help to release some of the anger and frustration.


    Bottle up your feelings inside – It’s ok to feel sad, frustrated, hurt, annoyed etc. Express it when you feel it, this will help you to stop those feelings building into anger.

    Put yourself in a situation that you know will test your patience – Learn to say ‘no’. It’s only a small word, but it can be very powerful.

    Don’t hold onto grudges or resentments – Learn to let the past go, it will make your present and your future a much more pleasant experience for you.

    Stress about situations that are out of your control – If you can change it, then do. If you can’t, why let it bother you?

    Worry – Don’t worry, be happy. Positive thinking can dramatically impact your outlook on life. Learn to see the positives in any situation, and you will find yourself experiencing less stress, unhappiness, and anger.

    Finally, for specialist support in helping you beat anger, please contact us.