Professional Development Course

Professional Development in Anger Management for Youth Professionals

How Can I Help My Young People Tackle Their Anger and Negative Behaviours?

  • Are the young people you work with ruining their chances in life and causing upset at home and/or at school?
  • Are they at risk of being not in employment, education or training because of their anger and behaviour?
  • Are they getting into trouble, fighting or facing court or jail?
  • Do you ever feel like as if you are the one banging your head against a brick wall?
  • Would you like to get help for them but don’t know where to start?
  • Do you sometimes wonder if things will ever be right for them?

It’s tough when you are working with angry teenagers. (I know – I have been running groups for nearly 5 years!)  Often they seem to be fine working one-to-one with you but in the rest of their lives there is chaos and confusion. You want to do more but wonder if you can ever do enough. It’s frustrating. You can see the damage that they are causing but often they can’t. You love your work but often feel frustrated and have seen colleagues ‘burn out’.

Our Anger Management and Positive Behaviour System for Youth Professionals is a way to help your young people with their Anger whilst keeping your own sanity.

Included in the manual:

  • How to get to the root cause of your young people’s anger
  • When to use a stick and carrot approach
  • Learn coping strategies for yourself and for them
  • How to decide if Young People really have an Anger problem or are just going through a phase
  • What to do if they get conflicting messages from adults
  • Learn our practical three part system to deal with anger

You also get a DVD full of useful videos giving tips and hints based on the real life stories of parents and young people.


A CD to play at home or in the car (or download to your I-Pod or MP3 player) with a whole hour of real world practical and proven ways to deal with anger AND a CD of Licensed Resources you can use with Young People Copyright FREE

What do People say about our Anger Management Programmes?


“A great place to start, our youth leaders really enjoyed the programme and the young people will definitely benefit”
Halesowen Youth Club.


“We learned some useful skills, patrolling the streets at night can be tough on our volunteers – these strategies will help keep my volunteers safe so they can concentrate on helping vulnerable young people”
Mary, Stourbridge Street Pastors.