• What is The Cost of Your Anger?

    What is the cost of your anger?

    Uncontrolled anger, really costs! Whether it is at home, at work, or in public, when we fail to appropriately control what we say and do, the consequences can be grave. Flying off the handle at home is bad enough, but the fact is that people lose their jobs every day because of anger in the workplace.  Your family loves you and they’re willing to stand by you while you learn to manage your anger. But, lose control at work, and the outcome is likely to be entirely different.

    Often, we don’t think about the cost until it’s too late. A huge part of managing anger, is the ability to think rationally beforehand about the potential consequences of our actions. This will help us to make better informed decisions, before it’s too late. Remember, there are always reasons to get angry, we need to find better reasons to do the right thing. Thinking about the cost of our anger outburst will often be enough to diffuse our urge to rage.

    Anger can sometimes be harnessed for good, in our lives. But more often than not, it leads to harmful results, such as road rage, domestic violence, child abuse, physical assault and even murder. The question we have to ask ourselves is, is it worth it?

    Researchers have found that anger can cost us in different ways:

    Your Health

    Research shows that chronic, high levels of anger are directly connected to an increased risk for health problems. How, and how often you express anger during periods of emotional distress are significant factors in how it impacts your health. Stress levels rise, heart rate increases, blood pressure rises. All of these have a negative impact when experienced repeatedly, over an extended period of time, and can have disastrous effects on your health.

    Your Safety

    How often do you drive with pent-up hostility? Road rage is an epidemic these days and driving angry behind the wheel of a car can be dangerous.  Driving in anger can impair your judgment and make you an unsafe driver both to you, your passengers, and to other drivers.

    Your Self Esteem

    While it might feel good when you’re in the heat of the moment, expression of anger often leads to feelings of guilt, embarrassment, shame and remorse . This results in damage to your self-esteem, and your emotional wellbeing.

    Your Relationship

    Frequent angry outbursts, whether verbal or physical or both, can destroy marriages, disrupt families and ruin friendships.

    Your Children

    The effects of constant exposure to intense anger can be devastating to your children. It’s not until you see yourself through your children’s eyes and the traits they’ve learned from you do you truly comprehend the far-reaching consequences of your anger. Don’t forget that anger is a cycle, our children only mimic what we teach them through our example.

    The Workplace

    Anger impacts your ability to think clearly, and work efficiently.  Jobs have been lost because of uncontrollable outbursts.  Anger in the workplace can also impair judgment and cause you to make poor choices.

    Your Time

    How often do you see little children get angry over the smallest things? They cry and stamp their feet and invest so much time and energy into reacting and being angry that they often forget what it was they were initially angry at in the first place. This happens to both adults and children, age is irrelevant. How often do we let anger steal away precious moments? By being blind sided in fits of rage it can cost us from living the moment and from truly enjoying life.

    Is your anger costing you too much? Get in touch and see how we can help.